We might have started as a transmission repair shop, but our qualified and experienced technicians expertise doesn’t stop there. We service all makes and models of cars and bring our trusted name in transmission repairs to all your service needs. 


If your car needs brake service then there should be nothing stopping you from making your way into Dicks Transmission. Our technicians will examine the overall quality and measurements of wear on all pads, rotors, drums and shoes. We will thoroughly inspect for any signs of fatigue, cracks on brake lines and hoses and ensure there are no fluid leaks. A working brake system is crucial to the safe operation of your vehicle so be sure to come in for regular preventative maintenance.


It’s the heart of our vehicle, let a trusted Dicks Transmission professional keep it beating strong. From standard tune ups to diagnostic repairs, we handle all makes and models. Our expert technicians can help improve engine performance and efficiency, diagnose engine problems like knocking and stalling, diagnose engine codes and perform all necessary repairs with the Dicks Transmission trusted reputation.


Car repairs are wide ranging and diverse and requires a wealth of knowledge and experience. Fortunately, we have lots of both. A Dicks Transmission technician guarantees quality repairs on all your vehicles mechanical systems and equipment. From alternator repairs, car starters, radiator service, wheel alignments, steering and suspension repair, and everything and anything in between. We will walk you through our diagnosis of your cars mechanical systems and always discuss all available options to help you make an informed decision.

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